What is the magnitude of the momentum of a 28 g sparrow flying with a speed of 8.4 m/s?

Answer : (0.24 kg m/s)


A 0.145 kg baseball pitched at 39 m/s is hit on a horizontal line drive straight back toward the pitcher at 52 m/s. If the contact time between bat and ball is 3.00 x 10^-3 s, calculate the average force between the ball and bat during the contact.

Answer: (4.40 x 10^3 N toward the pitcher)


A 12,600 kg railroad car travels alone on a level frictionless track with a constant speed of 18 m/s. A 5350 kg load, initially at rest, is dropped onto the car.
What will be the car’s new speed?

Answer: (12.6 m/s)


A golf ball of mass 0.045 kg is hit off the tee at a speed of 45 m/s. The golf club was in contact with the ball for 3.5 x 10-3s. Find
(a) the impulse imparted to the golf ball, and
(b) the average force exerted on the ball by the golf club.

Answer: ((a) 2.0 kg m/s  (b) 5.8 x 10^2N)