Day 125 part 2

Day 125

Magnetic Field of a Current Loop

  • The direction of the magnetic field inside and outside a current loop can be found by grabbing the loop with the right hand and pointing the thumb in the direction of the current (CW or CCW).
  • The fingers will point in the direction of the magnetic field; opposite directions inside the loop and outside the loop.

 Magnetic Field of a Solenoid

  • A solenoid is basically a long straight wire bent into a coil of several closely spaced loops (resembles an electromagnet)
  • The magnetic field inside the coil is given by: B= Day 125 equation_image73.gif nI
  • Where μ0 = 4π x 10^-7 Tm/A
  • n = (N/l) = number of turns per unit length
  • I = current in Amperes (A)