EP Leadership Experience

This is a FREE two-month leadership program for high school students.

March 10th is the last day to register for the spring group which starts March 16th. There will be another group starting in June.

This is Lee here, creator of EP. I’ve been working for more than a year with the company who has developed this leadership program for high school students. We now have the opportunity to run our own version of it. I’m really excited to be able to give homeschool kids this opportunity. All homeschool high school students are welcome. You will be partnering with local businesses to raise money for a non-profit.

Find out more below…

Learn step by step how to become a leader who makes a difference. Join a growing network of students whose competitive advantage has come from their ability to positively impact others in their community.

Your Extraordinary Mission If You Choose to Accept It…

Partner with a local business in your community to raise money and awareness for the charity of your choice.

Take Laura F. for example, a high school student.

She used the Hire Cause program to partner with Chipotle to raise more than $2,500 for her charity, the International Rescue Committee, a charity that helps refugees survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. She showcased her invaluable experience in her college application to get into the University of Virginia, where she is now pursuing her passion of studying international relations!

Laura F.

Or let’s look at Brett K.

Another high school student who became grateful that his school was properly supplied with desks, chairs, and other educational necessities that others did not have. He learned that 70% of students in Malawi, Africa do not have a desk or chair in the classroom and have to sit uncomfortably on the floor while learning. He implemented the Hire Cause strategies to partner with his local hockey rink to throw a fundraising event to raise awareness as well as $1,500 for UNICEF’s KIND campaign (Kids In Need of Desks). He used this experience in his college application to get into Emory University!

Brett K

Briana B, another high school student, was an inspiring example.

After the horrific news that a school shooting happened again in the United States, Briana wanted to do something about it. She felt terrible for the victims and couldn’t help but feel that she could have been in that school. She utilized the Hire Cause toolkit and strategies to partner with the March for Our Lives parade happening in her town, raising more than $1,000 and significant awareness for the non-profit, Giffords Courage to Fight Gun Violence. She wound up speaking at the parade in front of 4,000 people, an impressive feat she is using to help her as she embarks on the college admissions and internship application process.

Briana B.

Connor Y. is a college student who did something remarkable.

Many of the business panel events available in his local community were comprised of men. Women were underrepresented, so Connor utilized the Hire Cause program to partner with his local university and other women to create an event that promoted female entrepreneurship, in which female entrepreneurs shared their experience starting businesses. Connor charged tickets for the event and raised more than $750 for the Tory Burch Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs! Connor used his experience to differentiate himself in job interviews, landing a job at a software company owned by AT&T.

Connor Y

Alexandra B. another college student did something very creative.

She was passionate about art and utilized Hire Cause to partner with the Columbia Art Business Association (CABA) to hold an online auction for student artists. She used WordPress.com to display the auction. All of the art was donated from students in Columbia University, Barnard College, and Parsons School of Design. 30% of the sales went to the artists, and an incredible 70% of the proceeds from each piece went to Art Start, a non-profit which brings much needed art to deprived communities, often holding workshops in homeless shelters, alternative incarceration programs, and youth agencies. Alexandra’s experience helped her land a job at one of the leading art auction companies in the world – Sotheby’s!

Alexandra B.

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