2023 New Math Courses

Consumer Math

Consumer Math is an online high school math course that will be released this spring. We have it complete and are just adding answers now. This would be the easiest of the high school math courses, needing only arithmetic to complete. It is high school level, though, and it is expected to take forty minutes to an hour each day. Below is the description from the course page.

Course Description: This high school course prepares students as consumers but also takes a look at some other math applications in our everyday lives. There are three base courses where lessons and assignments are drawn from. The first is Math and You. This looks at practical applications of mathematics, one of which is consumer math. Then we’ll work through a consumer math course. There are about a dozen mini lessons mixed into the second half of the course where students will learn some about banking, economics, debt/interest, cryptocurrency, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and more. Those lessons came from ngpf.org.


This is a replacement for our current online geometry course. It comes with an offline version as well! This will be going up around the 4th of July. If you are in the current Geometry course and won’t be done by July, you will be able to continue using it for the next year, but on My EP you will need to add it to your parent add-on page or from the Extras page. We’ll guide you through that when the time comes. The new course covers similar material, of course, but certainly with some updates in structure and in materials. We won’t be using the CK-12 course as our base any longer.