250 words

250 people would make a crowded room. 250 dollars is a large amount when you’re a kid. 250 scarecrows would be too many for one field. 250 sounds like an overwhelming number of touchdowns to make. However, 250 is a much more manageable amount than you might think when presented with the challenge of writing 250 words. In fact, making it to 250 words when you’re writing is easy peasy.

We are already well over one-fifth of the way there and we have only just begun.

When writing 250 words, you can use many methods to keep your audience engaged, humor being one of them. Funny stories can come from real or imagined events. Keep out extraneous words but include the descriptive ones.

Working from a prompt can also help. If your starting sentence is “Fred turned on the tv only to learn that…” then you could follow that up with, “the world had been taken over by giant bats.”  Your story will flow as you describe the new world in which Fred lives that is inhabited by giant bats. Perhaps the bats are friendly and only wish to find giant caves filled with giant fruit. Maybe the bats leave giant droppings everywhere that must be cleaned up.

Whatever story you choose to tell, remember, if you’re bored, your audience is also bored. Keep it fun, keep it exciting, and keep them wanting more when the story is over. 250 words will fly by – but hopefully no giant bats will.