For this project, you will create a product advertisement. You should create an original product, and then design an ad to sell it to the public. Below are the requirements for this project.

1. Write a one-paragraph description of your product
– This paragraph should discuss the product name, its purpose, its
appearance, and why it will be helpful to the public.
– It can be a product that is geared for the general public, or a
specific group.
– Your paragraph should be at least ten sentences.
2. Write a 10-15 second verbal ad for your product
– In paragraph or dialogue form, write what a radio or television
announcer would read about your product
– It should be able to be read in about 10-15 seconds. This means it
should be concise, yet contain important information that would
convince people to buy your product
3. Create an advertisement for your product
– You can design an ad in Word, Paint, PowerPoint, or you can
design one by hand and scan it into the computer as a picture.
– Include a “jingle” or catch phrase on your advertisement for your