Descriptive Writing Assignment

Use one of the pictures linked below or a picture of your favorite park, your car, or even your room.

First you will write a descriptive paragraph about the picture you choose. It should be 12-14 sentences in length. It should also contain at least FIVE examples of figurative language. You may repeat ONE figurative language item. For instance, you might include simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and imagery. For your fifth item, you could repeat one of those or choose a new one. * You can always use more than FIVE examples, but FIVE is the minimum.

Next, you will identify the figurative language in your descriptive paragraph. You will do this below the completed paragraph. Simply give the figurative language term and then give the example from your writing.

Example: Alliteration – The dreary, dusty driveway led many friends and family to our home. (Do this for each of your five examples… and more, if you have them).

Soldiers Praying

Factory at Sunset

Family Dinner (chopsticks)

Oil Spill

Throne Room

Assignment Directions edited from Georgia Virtual Learning