January 27th – EP Leadership Experience

Due January 27th – Read this page. There are two posts to make.

Your mission is to become a leader who makes a difference in your community.

The Project

  • Host an event or virtual event that raises money and awareness for a cause. If you need an idea, you could raise money for COVID 19 recovery efforts in your community.
    • In the past, people have done raffles, tables out in front of a store, doing a live music online event, doing an online quiz game event. Other ideas include partnering with a restaurant and them agreeing to give you a portion of sales from those you bring in on event day.
  • As part of this event, select a non-profit partner that is worthy of your help. You will also partner with a business in your community to plan a fundraising event that supports your cause. At the end of the project, you will present your work to our team.

How it Works

  • There are prompts to guide you through a project. With each prompt, you will be responsible for posting your work to the discussion board and providing generous feedback on the work of the others, supporting each other’s projects along the way.

What Generosity Looks Like

A huge part of Hire Cause is learning from the work of others and providing generous feedback.

It may feel unfamiliar to dive in and make comments on other students’ work, but that’s where the learning magic happens and we know you’ve got some great thoughts and ideas to offer.

On your journey to becoming leaders who make a difference in your community, there are going to be challenges.

“A great comment makes the other person feel seen, encourages, and helps them move their work forward.”

Questions are a great way to help another dig deeper, see things in a new way, or clarify their thinking. If you want to give advice, be mindful to not tell the other person what YOU would do.

Think about how they are seeing the world and ask questions that you think might point them in a better direction.

If you are looking for a place to start for how to leave helpful comments and create rich discussion, consider the work by Stainer, in The Coaching Habit, which uses the 6 questions outlined below. Not all are applicable all the time. You can use them when they are.

• The AWE Question — “And what else?” : This question helps you to uncover and generate new options or possibilities, while overcoming the urge to give premature advice.

• The Focus Question — “What’s the real challenge here for you?”: The first question is likely to get the other party talking and sharing. Yet, it probably does not highlight the real problem. This question helps you to identify the underlying issue to be addressed.

• The Foundation Question — “What do you want?”: This question helps people to gain clarity on what they want, which improves communication and decision-making.

• The Lazy Question — “How can I help?”: This question is “lazy” because it gets the other person to propose a solution without you having to develop one.

• The Strategic Question — “If you’re saying yes to this, what are you saying no to?”: This question gets the other person to consider if he/she is truly prepared to commit to a decision, rather than jump in half-heartedly.

• The Learning Question — “What was most useful to you?”: Coaching for development (focuses on the people handling the issues) is more impactful than coaching for performance (tackling specific challenges and putting out day-to-day fires). This question allows you to create a learning moment to coach for development, in addition to coaching for performance to solve the problem.

It’s okay to fail; just get back up.

On your way to becoming a leader who makes a difference, there will be challenges. As you work to partner with a business to raise money and awareness for your cause, not everything will go your way. That’s okay and that’s to be expected. Dust yourself off and keep going.

You will be told no. Expect it and plan for it.

Not every business will want to partner with you. Not everyone will want to donate or support your cause. That’s perfectly fine because the prompts will help you plan for that scenario.

Leading, not test taking…

There are no tests in Hire Cause. Hire Cause is not designed to help you become a better test taker. It’s designed to help you become a better leader.

It’s about others…

In order to influence and enroll the support of others through this project, you will consistently need to practice empathy. Not everybody cares what you care about. You’ll need to think about what others care about and how you can help them get what they want through helping you.

Don’t wait for things to happen. Make things happen!

You are the leader. Without your actions, there is no impact. Other people are waiting for you to use your talents and skills to help.

If I did that, then I can do this…

You get out of this project what you put into it. At the end of this project, you will have done something remarkable that will provide you with a rock solid foundation of confidence that you can draw upon in future projects, interviews, or challenges.

Make this project your own.

Use this project to explore your interests and ideas. Partner with businesses in industries that interest you. Select a cause that makes you feel proud to support. If you’re interested in video editing, graphic design, coding, or any other skill, figure out how you can integrate your interests into your project to make it even more fun.

Part 1:
If you are reading this right now, you have access to education, you learned how to read, and you have internet access. If you lived during another time, were born in a different place, or were raised by different people, you may not have the same opportunities that you do now.

For example, did you know that 780 MILLION people cannot read on this planet?

Your prompt is to watch this two minute video  and make a list of 25 things (or more) that you are grateful for – 25 things that you may take for granted.

Based on your list, jot down some initial ideas of who you may want to help in your project (i.e., people who are homeless, people who don’t have access to clean drinking water, etc.)

It’s up to you. Get started and make your first post. Then comment on the work of at least three others.

Leave your reply under this post. Talk to each other with replies as well.

Part 2:

This project is not only designed to help you help others. It’s also designed to help you grow professionally.

Before we talk about growing professionally…

Let’s talk about the skills you need to thrive. Just like you did not learn how to ride a bike by reading a book, there are certain professional skills that you can only learn through living them. This project is designed to give you a space to learn these invaluable skills.

Read this article 18 that lists the top 5 professional skills that employers value the most.

For your post, write a short paragraph next to each skill about what it will mean to your life if you develop each one. How can these skills help you become even happier, more successful, more influential, and more fulfilled? (Leave a reply to the original post.)