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My name is Lee. I’m a homeschool mother of six. I would love to meet all of you through email and facebook, but I don’t have time. You can read about the curriculum on the About or How To pages. If you still have questions, please be considerate and read through the following questions before writing me or asking the community on Facebook. (Click “Join Group.”)

I’ve found a problem with a link. 

  • If you are using a copy of the course, a pdf, or Evernote for example, please check on the main page to see if there is a new link already in place.
  • If the link requires a paid subscription or it opens up to the wrong website, please email me at the address at the bottom of this page.
  • If the page opens but the pdf, game or video isn’t loading, check our Troubleshooting Guide. You can also wait and try again later or try on a different browser. We suggest using Firefox to access many activities.
  • If the page says that it’s under construction, we’ll probably just wait until it’s back and not switch it.
  • Please ask on Facebook to see if it’s just you or if others are having the same problem.

The game/video won’t load on my I-pad, tablet, phone…

Ipad doesn’t support flash player which a lot of things use. Here is an article about different browsers that allow flash on iPad. I don’t own a tablet or even a smartphone, so I’m not the one to ask. I’m sure you can google up what you need to make it work.

Where are the tests?

Every EP high school course has grading systems built into it which include testing. If you are using other online courses outside of EP, there are no tests to use with them. If a test is not accessible on the site you are using, then there is no test available. EP can’t provide tests for courses outside the curriculum.

Where are the answers?

I am hoping to have as many answers as possible on every course. Parents are working on them and getting them to me. If there is no answer posted, then I don’t have it. You can request answers, and I can pass on that request to whoever is helping with that course.

Do you have a scope and sequence?

You can read the course descriptions on each individual course page. If you would like to make a scope and sequence, I will post it for others.

Does this meet my state’s requirements? Will these courses count for high school credit? 

Every state has its own requirements. Learn your state’s requirements at the HSLDA. Google that with your state name. The site is geared to meet Pennsylvania’s requirements. It has 180 days of assignments for 1 credit courses. In some states your child could play video games for four years and you could call him a high school graduate. My state, Pennsylvania, is not one such state. Here are their guidelines for what “counts.” To count as a completed high school course a student can do ANY of the following: complete two-thirds of a textbook, have 120 daily logged entries, have 120 hours of logged study, complete a 10 page research paper, complete a college course, or pass an AP exam. If you follow Easy Peasy, you’ll have 180 “daily logged entries.” You’ll be way ahead of the game.  NOTE! Your local high school does not have to accept your homeschool credits. Putting a child back in school can be difficult. Each school has the authority to accept or reject your credits if they are not accredited (which they aren’t from EP). It’s easier to get your credits accepted by colleges.

Will this site stay free? I don’t understand how this can be free.

Read this please.

I would not be able to homeschool if it weren’t for this site.

I would love to hear your story. Send me a note. My address is at the bottom of the page.

How can I help?

Let me know about websites disappearing on us. You can even suggest replacements. Answer questions posted by others on our facebook group. Maybe you have expertise in an area and can help with answer keys. Let me know.

How can I thank you enough? Where can I send a donation?

Still have questions? Ask the community at the Facebook Group.  There is also a facebook group for the high school site and groups for different states and countries. There also is a group that shares extra resources they use with their children. I do not supplement the curriculum, and I don’t believe there is a need to. The main group page is for EP only and not to share about other resources. I want to keep it Easy Peasy and don’t want anyone (including myself) overwhelmed with the endless influx of “great” resources, even if they are free.


Still need to write me? Email me at my gmail address, allinonehomeschool .