February 10th – EP Leadership Experience

Now you are ready to reach out with confidence.

You have taken the time to think through what your potential business partner cares about. You know that not everybody is going to say yes to you.

Your task is to walk into five businesses and work to enroll one as a partner who will host your fundraising event. You can also email or call businesses first, but don’t be surprised if they don’t respond. Keep your parents in the loop and make sure you have their approval on where you are going and why.

You may get lucky and get a “yes” on your first try, or more realistically, you may need to follow up a few times before you get a thumbs-up.

When you get a thumbs-up from a business partner, make sure to confirm with them over email the event format, date, and time of the event. This will help ensure that the date/time is solidified and will not change.

Also, regarding the event format, will you sell tickets to the event? Will the business give a percentage of sales within an agreed upon time slot to your charity? Do you plan to simply bring friends together for a good time? Do you want to have a speaker or panel at the event that you believe will draw more customers? Make sure you think through and answer these questions. All donations or ticket sales should be made through your fundraising page.

Once this date/time is set, post your experience to this discussion board. Did certain people not respond right away? Did certain people say no? How did you get the yes? Lastly, list the company name of your business partner, name of the person, his or her job title, and the tentative date/time of your event.

Now it’s time to promote your fundraising event. Your prompt is to create your own marketing plan for your event, and post it to the conference. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make sure you anticipate possible obstacles and plan to overcome them. Not everything will go your way. What if not everybody you invite shows up? What could not go according to plan? How will you mitigate this risk and achieve your goals?
  • Revisit your Charity Go Fund Me page. Update your Campaign Story and Name as you see fit. Use this page to raise donations and promote your event.
  • Make a list of friends and family to invite to your event. Make a list of “influencers,” people you know who can share your event with their networks.
  • Write a short email with a link to your fundraising page – be concise. Let people know about the event you are having and why you are doing it. Remember, why should they care? (and remember the limitations of email. Use email, but don’t rely solely on it. You may have to call people and let them know you sent them an email!)
  • If people cannot attend your event, they may still donate! Give them the opportunity.

Now create your own plan, share it to the platform so that others can learn from your example, and go make it happen.