February 24th – EP Leadership Experience

Take pictures at your event to share. You will present on the 24th.

Write a thank-you note to everyone who supported you. Gratitude will inspire people to support you even more in the future (and it just feels good).

Reward yourself for your efforts. Set a date to celebrate by yourself or with friends and family. It’s important to take a step back and applaud yourself for a job well done.

Write your story. Have it ready to share in the future for college essays, resumes, etc.

You accomplished something extraordinary. Your prompt is to post your answers to the questions below, using your photos and videos from the previous prompt to help tell your story.

  • What charity did you choose to support?
  • Why did you choose this particular charity?
  • What business did you partner with?
  • Why did you choose them?
  • How did you partner with them to raise money and awareness for your cause?
  • How much money did you raise, and how do these dollars translate into actual impact with the charity?
  • What made you most proud?
  • What obstacles did you overcome to complete this challenge?
  • What are the greatest lessons you learned?
  • What are the most important skills you developed?

These questions will help you form the basis of a compelling story, one that you can use for college applications, cover letters, resumes, and job interviews.

Extra Credit –

If you’re older than 16, you can use the following guide to create your first LinkedIn page. Why LinkedIn? Among those 560 million people on LinkedIn are college admissions officers, college application readers, and recruiters for internships and jobs. By establishing a presence on LinkedIn, you make it easier for people to find you and learn more about you online when you apply to college, internships, and jobs. You can list your high school as well as Hire Cause in the education section. You can also list the charity you chose in the Volunteering section to fill out your profile.

Whether you’re younger or older than 16, you also have the ability to showcase your videos, photos, and experience on your own website that’s easy to make.

Check out this easy-to-use, free website builder: www.strikingly.com.

You are a leader who made a difference. You have set an example for others. Now it’s time to help those who will follow your lead.

Your prompt is to create a video of advice you would give a Leadership Experience participant who will come after you. In your video, share the best part of your Hire Cause experience and offer words of wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement to those who will come after you.

At our meeting, you can share your video. You can share your photos of your event and tell us your story!