February 3rd – EP Leadership Experience

Due February 3rd

You need to choose which non-profit to support. Create a charity Go Fund Me page using the link on this page. Post about what businesses want and don’t want. Make a list of businesses you could contact. Start coming up with ideas for your event. Make a plan and alternate plan. Write it down. 

You have a voice inside your head, one that has certain dreams, fears, problems, and goals. That voice also exists in the minds of others.

In an upcoming prompt, you are going to reach out to a business leader or owner in your community with the intent of planning a fundraising event at their location to raise money and awareness for the charity you chose. Before you do, it’s important to think through this voice inside their mind.

What does a business owner care about? They may want more revenue or more customers. They may want to build goodwill in the community. They may want to build their image or brand in the community. They may care about your cause the same way you do – or they may not.

On the flip side, what does a business owner NOT want? They will not want to lose money or customers. They may not want to waste “valuable time.” They may not want to work with a complete stranger that they don’t trust; and the list goes on.

Post two lists: the first one comprised of everything you think a business owner or store manager may want, and the second, containing everything the business owner would not want. Finally, answer the following question: When you ultimately speak with the business owner or manager, how would you propose a fundraising event in a way that highlights the benefits and mitigates or eliminates the risks to him or her?

Choose your charity and come up with an event plan. Tell us about it. Write it down. Start a charity Go Fund Me page. If your charity is not there, you can still create a fundraiser for them and then contact your charity about getting the money at the end of your event.

CharityNavigator.com can help you choose a charity.

Go Fund Me Charity

5 Leadership Qualities

Read through all of these or at least the ones that you find harder for you. What can you apply?


Persuasion  (another on the psychological factor)


Adaptability  (another dealing with attitude)

Time Management  (for students)