French 1 (parent submitted)

(This course was parent submitted. This content was not approved by EP. We cannot guarantee that the links in this course are up to date.  If a link does not work you can take google the topic of the link, if the link is a video you can search youtube for similar a video.)

Note: There is no planned French 2. It will only happen if a parent submits it.

Thanks to June Stewart for submitting this course.

Here are the full lesson plans for 2 semesters and the grading sheet for the first quarter. Your child will be able to open the pdf on the computer and click on the links directly from the pdf. It is set up EP style.

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Welcome to French  *Completed*

First Quarter Grades  pdf                                        First Quarter Grades   excel

Second Quarter Grades pdf                                     Second Quarter Grades  excel

Third Quarter Grades pdf                                        Third Quarter Grades  excel

Fourth Quarter Grades pdf                                      Fourth Quarter Grades excel


Day 141 the jeopardy game link is missing.  You can use this one: Play this jeopardy game.