Glacier Questions

Glaciers Assignment

  1. What percent of the Earth’s fresh water is found in glaciers?
  2. What type of glacier exists in the Southern Alps, New Zealand?
  3. What type of glacier exists at the Torngat Mountains in Newfoundland, Canada?
  4. The majority of the glaciers in Glacier Bay, Alaska are tidewater glaciers? What do
    tidewater glaciers have in common? (What do tourists expect to see at Glacier Bay?)

Inside a Glacier – How it Flows?

  1. Why is the bottom of the glacier very dirty?
  2. Dr. Miriam Jackson compares the movement of the glacier across the rock as sandpaper.  What does she mean?
  3. Water pockets are at the bottom of the glacier. How do the little pockets of water
    contribute to the movement of the glacier?


Adapted from a Georgia Virtual Learning assignment