Gustar- To be Pleasing; Use “gustar” for things that:

  • Are enjoyable (pleasing) to do
  • Are appropriate to do according to the Season
  • Are useful for students in their writing of discussions or other writing task.

Gustar was also presented in the Etapa Preliminar Module, where the concentration was using “gusta” and “gustan” – the only two forms of this verb used, except perhaps in very special situations in more advanced Spanish.

Students please review the information about “gusta” and “gustan” before continuing with this new lesson on the verb.

The information from the Etapa Preliminar module should be used for the rest of the Spanish course(s), and the new use should provide you with a way to express your feelings about activities.

How to use “gustar”

You will use “infinitives” directly after “gusta.”


  • Before “gusta,” you can use “me”:
  • Me gusta nadar
  •  Before “gusta,” you can use “Te”:
  • ¿Te gusta jugar fútbol americano?

Remember that to say:

  • I don’t like = No me gusta (Infinitve)
  • You don’t (or don’t you) like = No te gusta (infinitive)

Acquiring the use of “gusta” will be one of your most used Spanish skills, both in writing and in communicating – not only with fellow students and teachers, but also in conversations with those native speakers (those who “grew up” speaking Spanish, or have other long-term experience in the countries.)