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Welcome to EP’s live language classes!

I’m David Giles, husband of EP’s creator, Lee Giles. I’m excited to be your teacher. I hope some of my enthusiasm for foreign languages will rub off on you…

Spanish 1 Practice Classes

(English as a Second Language has been cancelled for now. We’ll keep working on this as my husband and I have had fun designing the lessons!)


You can attend class on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. You will need earphones/earbuds.
One Time Only:
In order to participate in classes, you need to use Zoom. You will need to download the free software, app, or browser extension. This is a step that only has to be done once.
Here is the general download page for Zoom,. You can also search Zoom Cloud Meetings in the Play Store or the Apple Store.
Here is the download for Kindles.
How to use the classroom:
Once in the classroom click the button about joining with your computer audio.
If you are on mobile, you’ll click on Audio and allow it and click on “Participants” to get to “Chat.”

Your Teacher

David Giles is husband of Lee Giles, creator of Easy Peasy. He’s the father of six homeschooled kids. He is a polyglot with a gift for languages and accents. He has taught French, Russian, and German, as well as English as a foreign language. He’s taught online as well as in classrooms. His bachelor’s degree is in Russian and linguistics. He’ll be finishing his master’s degree this fall in teaching English as a second language. He’s also pretty fluent in Macedonian, Turkish, and Romani (Gypsy). He dabbles in some others. He is new to Spanish. He wouldn’t be actually teaching the Spanish lessons. Students would still be learning from the daily lessons on the site. He would just be guiding a weekly time of practice to help get the kids speaking out loud, to get them doing dialogues together and such. He’s a very fun and engaging teacher!