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Hire Cause Forum Link (This links to where you will learn and respond to your assignments.)

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 7th at 2pm EDT.

Here is the Zoom link to the next meeting. No password required this time. If you are joining by a mobile device and it asks for the meeting ID, it is 854 1890 3130.

You can write to Lee at allinonehomeschool@gmail.com with any questions. See you soon!

Calendar of Assignments

October 7th – Prompt 1 complete – What are you grateful for? What are you passionate about? What charity do you want to raise money for?

October 14th – Prompt 2 complete – What’s your plan? It may change, but talk to a business or multiple business about partnering with you to support your “Why.”

October 21st – Prompt 3 complete – Share your progress on your event. You need a date. You need to advertise. Don’t fail to say it again. You can’t just say it once. Speak up. This is something you care about! Tell others why they should care too.

October 28th – Prompt 4 complete – Present your event outcome. What impact did your event have? What did you learn?