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You can write to Lee at allinonehomeschool@gmail.com with any questions. See you soon!

We will meet on Wednesdays at 2pm (Eastern).

Your Zoom link will appear here: ZOOM LINK

Passcode:     230119

Post your assignment responses on our forum. You should have an email from them about creating an account.

If you don’t have an email from them, you can let me know by emailing, but here is the assignment. The password is the two letters   ep   .

Calendar of Assignments

Due March 31stPrompt 1: Read the page and write two posts.

Due April 7th – Prompt 2: Read the page. Post your lists. Choose your charity, set up fundraiser page, make a plan.

Due April 14th – Prompt 3: Get a business partner. Plan your event.

Due April 21st – Prompt 4: Plan and promote your event.


Due April 28th – Prompt 5: Present your event to our team. Congrats! Read the page and make your posts. Share pictures and videos. Pay it forward.