Literature and Composition I (English 8) New Course

On the 4th of July we switched in our new Literature and Composition I course. The current course will be removed from My EP Assignments, but you can add it from the Parent Add-On page.

To Add to the Parent-Add-On page:

  1. Go to Parents-Settings.
  2. Scroll down to under the course blocks and click on Parent Add-Ons.
  3. Click on Parent-AddOn-One or whatever is available.
  4. Type in English 8 or whatever you like and click right next to it to save.
  5. The link to add is Click to save right next to where you enter the link.
  6. It will even jump to your lesson number for you. Take a note of your lesson number so you know what to type into the little box where it says Change Course Lesson Number.
  7. Here’s a video of the process but not specific to this course.

New students should take our new course! The old course is just for those in the middle and wanting to finish, and you should!

The new course has an offline option. Check out the store to find the books.