Live Spanish Practice

If you would like to register for the ongoing Spanish 1 live class, please check the class calendar to make sure your student will be caught up with the material the class is covering, and email us at

What is it?

We will have live online weekly practice sessions for students taking Spanish 1 on Easy Peasy. That is Easy Peasy’s 8th and 9th grade Spanish course. Students beginning in September don’t need any prior Spanish to begin this course. The classes will be led by David Giles or Liz Fernandez . The classes will be recorded in case you miss one, but the point is to be there live and participate!

This weekly online class is not a course; the course is online on EP’s high school site. This is an optional addition to that online course, as speaking and interaction is a valuable part of language learning. We will be not be issuing grades or certificates issued. You can reward your children as you see fit, since you are their teacher.

Who is it for?

This is really an 8th and 9th grade class. We’ll put an age limit on of 11 – 17.

When will classes be?

The first Spanish Live! classes will start on Monday, September 10th.

Class will meet most Mondays throughout the school year, September through May.

Two options to take the class will be Mondays at 2:00 or 3:30 PM EST.

The class will be an hour long.

How will it work?

Students will need to have completed at least the first fifteen days of Spanish 1 before September 10th. Here’s a full calendar of where you need to be by each week to take the fullest advantage of the class. There will be breaks to help you stay on track. You only need to be past that day number. It doesn’t matter if you are ahead.

Students will be expected to be familiar with the vocabulary and grammar introduced in the online lessons. They will get a quick overview of what was taught that week, but the main point is for them to talk and interact. They will answer questions on the microphone. They will be able to get into groups to do dialogues with others.

What do I need?

You don’t even need a computer to join in. The classes are taught on Zoom. You’ll need to download the free app onto your phone, tablet, or computer, or even as a browser extension. (Here’s the Kindle version.) The app will enable you to participate in the class instead of just watching it.

We probably won’t be using video in the class, but you’ll need a microphone. Computers, tablets, and phones come with a built-in microphone, but you’ll want to make sure yours works.

You’ll also need earbuds or earphones so that when you come on the microphone we won’t hear an echo.


The cost will be $90 for the full nine-month course (That’s only $3 a class!). Those registering midway through the course will pay in $10 installments monthly.

You can pay in full or in $10 installments starting at the time you register.

If you withdraw by September 1st, you pay $10. (Basically, $10 is non-refundable when you register.)

Classes start in September. If you withdraw in September, you would be responsible for the $10 registration and $10 for the first month, even if you didn’t attend all the classes.

Basically, you will be refunded everything apart from the $10 non-refundable registration cost and $10 for each month of class. Another example, if you withdrew during your third month, you would be responsible for $40, and anything else you had paid would be refunded you.