Matching Quiz

Match the items.

The task is to match the lettered items with the correct numbered items. You’ll have to write down your answers, 1a, for instance.
a. Water dissolved minerals from rocks
b. Captain James Cook
c. Earth cool and water vapor precipitated
d. the portugese used them to carry their exports
e. basins
f. Geological, Chemical, Physical, Marine
g. southern
h. Matthew Maury
i. Mariana Trench

1. What is the name of the newest ocean?
2. Where is the ocean’s deepest point?
3. Rain fell and filled low areas on Earth called __.
4. According to scientific hypothesis, how were Earth’s oceans formed?
5. How did the term “trade winds” come to pass?
6. Where do the dissolved salts in the ocean come from?
7. What are the four branches of Oceanography?
8. Who is the Father of Physical Oceanography?
9. Who is the first ocean scientist?