One Dimensional Kinematics

Kinematic Equations

  1.  Solve the following.
    1. A race car can reach a velocity of 75.0 m/s in 3.72s.  What is the acceleration of the car?
    2. How far would the same car travel when slowing down from 75.0 m/s to 48.1m/s in 5.11s?
    3. If the car slams on the brakes while traveling at 48.1m/s and takes a distance of 63.8m to stop, what was it’s acceleration?
  2. A train can accelerate at 5.00 m/s2 and can brake at -3.00m/s2.
    1. If the train is traveling at 15.0m/s how long would it take to come to a stop?
    2. What distance would it travel in that period of time?
    3. How far would the train travel when accelerating from a velocity of 13.5m/s for 17.2s?
  3.  A car is 10.0m behind a truck and both are traveling at 20.0m/s.  The car has a maximum acceleration of 1.20m/s2.  The driver decides to pass the truck and wishes to pull back into the lane when they are 10.0m ahead of the truck.  If the truck has a length of 15.0m, how far will the car have traveled before it can pass the truck?