Our Newer Things

In the 2021-2022 school year, we added to the site:

Biblical Hebrew 

This course was created by my husband and he’s still working on it. Once he has at least 90 days extra added, we’ll release a second year of the course. For right now, you can find those lessons tagged onto the end of the current Hebrew course.


This is our “adulting” course for high schoolers, seniors in particular. It works on lots of skills with a focus on leadership.

September Study – Be Ye Separate

This is a one-month Bible study.

Good Morning, Lord!

I began posting these lessons in 2020, but I have continued to add 5 more each week. I also added some more of our miracle stories to our 153love.net site.

In the Works…

There is no release date for these courses. We would hope to have them available for August/September 2022 release so they could be started.


This course will be for middle school through adult students with a focus on being built up in our faith and being ready to speak to the hope that is in us. My husband is working on this.

Social Skills

I am working on this course. I am trying to make this for any age while keeping it accessible for young students. You may not know that I have three autistic children, and I know that social skills don’t always just come naturally!

September Study

In 2022, I will be putting out one called The Suffering Servant.

Good Morning, Lord!

Still going on these and have started getting them into books sold on Amazon.

Check out the menu on the site for our full list of courses!