Peer Editing

BEFORE you send in your work (as a PDF if possible), please read someone else’s from your same assignment in order to give feedback. Give specific feedback as to why you chose each number you did on the rubric. Give a fair score according to the rubric for the assignment along with helpful commentary. Always share something positive, not just negative. Remember, you aren’t telling them what is wrong with their essay; you are telling them how to improve their essay.

Then please send in your written work along with the name (or number) of what you gave feedback for.  (allinonehomeschool  at I will delete it from our list, so be honest or they won’t get feedback and will write to tell me! Your paper shouldn’t include your name, but you need to include an email address on your work for others to respond to. Let me know what course and day number that the assignment is for. ALL PAPERS MUST BE PG. We reserve the right not to share your paper if we don’t find it acceptable.

Literature and Composition

Day 35  Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Compare and Contrast Essay
  2. Comparing and Contrasting The Interlopers and The Machine that Won the War
  3. Short Story Essay Contrast and Compare
  4. Compare and Contrast

Day 105  Short Story

  1. Short Story and Character Development
  2. Hockerberry
  3. Venti Phantasmagoria


DAY 45 literary Analysis Essay

  1. Misogyny in The Knight’s Tale
  2. “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” Further Analysis