Poem Assignment

Now it is time to turn your descriptive paragraph into a poem. Using the same picture and details from your descriptive writing, compose a poem describing your picture. You must include at least THREE examples of figurative language in your poem. These can be similar examples. You can use the same terms, but you should try to vary the way you use them. So, you might use alliteration again, but you would use different words to do this.

Your poem should be at least TEN lines long. They can rhyme, but they do not have to rhyme. They can be short fragments, or full sentences. To view samples of different forms of poetry use the link below.

Remember that both your descriptive paragraph and your poem should be bursting with descriptive detail. Your goal is to paint a picture using words. An artist would not just use “red”. He or she might use burnt sienna, coral red, brick red, etc., in order to show the various elements of the work. Likewise, a writer would not use “pretty” to describe something. He or she might use words like radiant, luminous, breathtaking, etc. Do the same in your writing. Show us; don’t tell us!

From Georgia Virtual Learning