Poetry Analysis Project

For this project, you will be researching a poet and analyzing his or her poems. Here is what you will do:

Step 1: Choose a poet to research from the list below

Step 2: Choose two poems by that poet to read and analyze

Step 3: Create a multimedia presentation that displays the information.

Multimedia presentations can be in PowerPoint, Sway, or other program similar to those.

Presentation components should include:

1 – title page

2 – poet name and picture(s) with citations

3 – 8-10 poet facts

4 – Poem 1 text

5-6 – Poem 1 analysis

7 – Poem 2 text

8-9 – Poem 2 analysis

10 – Works cited page

Poem Analysis Requirements:

  1. Identify poetic devices in poem
  2. Explain the significance of the devices (how they enhance or contribute to the poem)
  3. Give a 2 – 4 sentence summary of the poem’s overall meaning

** Remember to cite any information you use throughout the presentation. Citations should be found on the slide/page in which they occur.


Rita Dove

Emily Dickinson

Nikki Giovanni

Seamus Heaney

Langston Hughes

William Carlos Williams

Edwin Arlington Robinson

Countee Cullen

William Wordsworth

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Amy Lowell

Dorothy Parker


From Georgia Virtual Learning