Spanish 1 Live Mondays at 12:30 PM (EST)

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Hacemos los días 114-119

Busca vocabulario extra en Google

el lunes: The link for the recording for class (el 23 de marzo).  También el enlace para la clase del 16 de marzo.

el próximo lunes: El enlace para la clase del  30 de marzo. Meeting ID: 242-017-791

Para Preparación/Warm-up: (Mi madre gave approval for the following activities)

¿Dónde compra Lidia los calcetines? (be ready to change up the articles of clothing and answer with direct object pronouns)

¿Cuánto cuestan los calcetines?

Repasar the names of the letters of the alphabet. Día 2 (first link) I want us to spell out words in Spanish.  

Estrategia: Use verb charts to help write out and organize your verbs.  Also when learning vocabulary, engage as many senses as you can in order to create sure paths in your brain for recall.  Write out the word, while saying it, also if possible be near the subject or when dealing with clothing, be near your closet.

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You can email me Spanish related questions:  I will answer questions in class that will benefit the group. Please refer to your class time when emailing.

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