Spanish 1 Live Thursdays 7:30 PM EST

Hola! Welcome to your class page! This is where you will come to find links to class, links to recordings of past classes, and any other information or resources you might need related to class. Please make sure you read the Class Guidelines.

Here is the link to class for September 26.  The meeting ID is: 822-916-323 Please realize that you must be registered for this Thursday class to use this link and attend class. Please do not give the link out to others. We will also send a reminder email on the morning of class which will include the link to this page.

For the upcoming class (September 26 ): You’ll need to know the material from Days 16-19 PLUS Day 25, and we will still be covering material from 1-15. Write out any vocabulary that doesn’t have a PDF. The list of vocabulary from Day 16 & 17 will be a great resource.  We will go over La hora again.

Here is the recording for September 19.

Keep reviewing work from previous days.

You can email me Spanish related questions:  I will answer questions in class that will benefit the group.

All administrative/techie questions go to