Spanish 1 Live Thursdays 7:30 PM EST

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This is where you will come to find the link to recordings of past class, the link to our upcoming class, and any other information or resources you might need related to class.

Last class: Here is the recording  for el 16 de enero.

Upcoming class: The link for class (el 30 de enero) & the meeting ID is: 347-518-258

Preparación: Preguntar y Contestar:

¿Qué tal? o ¿Cómo estás?

¿Cuántos libros hay en tu biblioteca? ¿Dónde está tu biblioteca? (Answer with -en- and a city.) ¿Te gusta leer? 

We will be on Día 81 next class.  Though we are on break please prepare Days 75-81 for class on Monday, January 27th. Yes, 6 days instead of 5.


Please make sure you read the Class Guidelines.

Instructions on Punctuation marks in Spanish can be found on  (Día 9).


Here is our class schedule.

You can email me Spanish related questions:  I will answer questions in class that will benefit the group.  Over the break I will check email but allow for holiday/travel time in your desired response time.

All administrative/techie questions go to