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Here you will find the links (enlaces) to any recordings (grabaciones), future sessions, resources (recursos) and more (más)!

Los Documentos Importantes

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Class Guidelines 

Los Enlaces

This is la grabación de our class el diecisiete de mayo, 2022

No hay más clases de Language Live.  If you would be so kind to fill out this Google Form or send any feedback you wish about the class to my email.  GRACIAS.

Los Anuncios importantes

  • El verbo– know the conjugation for verbs for all subject pronouns (link below to irregular) and how to negate a sentence. Una frase completa necesita un verbo.
  • Los números: cien es 100, después de 100 todo es ciento; ejemplo 101= ciento uno.  Remember that we do not say 19 or 20 when saying the year.  Review thousand and two thousand. 1932 es mil novecientos treinta y dos.
  • El Vocabulario:  Practice by writing it out again, saying the words out loud while walking around or listening to the pronunciation audio links repeatedly. Learn the nouns with their corresponding articles.  POR FAVOR, write complete sentences/questions with your vocabulary.  It will help immensely.

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Los Recursos:

Irregular stem changing verbs: Gracias Señor Yepes. Enlace.

  • Question words: Palabras Interrogativas (Lección 10)
  • Review appropriate use of adjectives (they agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe) Look for and know the difference between adverbs and adjectives (busca parte 2 si desees)

Lecturas: Esta página contiene las respuestas.

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