Spanish Practice 12:30

Thanks for a great year of Spanish everyone! I hope you enjoyed it and feel like you made progress.  We hope to see you in Spanish 2! I would love to hear any feedback you have on the classes, and if you have any questions please let me know at

Recordings for May 20 (the last day of class!):

2:00 Class (Sr. G)

3:30 Class (Srta. Liz)

A few older recordings:

May 13 (Sr. G)

May 6 (Srta. Liz)


Here are some resources you can consider using over the summer to review what you’ve learned, learn new words and phrases, and just generally improve your understanding and pronunciation:

  1. A fun and free Spanish course. Great for vocabulary practice.
  2. Butterfly Spanish (YouTube). A great channel with various short lessons on different topics in vocabulary and grammar.
  3. Tu Historia Preferida – a YouTube channel with Spanish videos of various stories with a Christian emphasis. Note that you can click “settings” on the video and “playback speed” and choose a slower speed to help you understand more.



Spanish 1 Live Class Guidelines

You will receive an email each Monday morning with the link to the day’s class.

Please sign in to class using your first name and last initial only.

Please do NOT use webcams during the times we are meeting as a whole class. You can use microphones during this time only if I call on you and unmute you. In breakout rooms you can use the mics and webcams (see below).

The chat box will be available during class, but I ask that you only use it to answer questions or ask a question that directly relates to what we are talking about. No random chatting please!

Attendance and Participation

I will not be taking attendance, but I do request that students attend regularly. In whole-class times, I will often be asking for a few volunteers to answer questions on the microphone. I would like as many students as possible to participate.

In breakout room times, EVERYONE in the group needs to participate on the microphone.

Please remember: the purpose of these classes is to SPEAK Spanish. These are not lessons you can just listen to. Don’t worry if you don’t speak perfectly or can’t remember something. Just give it a try and speak up. You’ll make progress if you do.

In Breakout Rooms

Again, ALL of the students in the room need to participate on the microphone. Even if you don’t feel prepared, just try. Webcams may be used in breakout rooms but are not required.

In breakout rooms, one student may volunteer to start the exercise off. When that student finishes speaking, he or she can call on someone else in the group to go next. That student will then call on the next person, and so on until everyone has had a turn. If no one volunteers to start, the student whose first name comes first alphabetically should start. You don’t have much time, so keep it moving! If you finish early, go around again.

If someone doesn’t seem to know what to say right away, please don’t jump in to tell the right thing to say. Give them a chance. If they ask for help, other students can help. If something comes up that you still don’t understand or are confused by, please make a note of it and ask during the question time at the end of class.

If a student is not participating or acting inappropriately, I would ask other students to please let me know by email: I will contact the student’s parents.