Spanish Review

1. Do you have another exam? Yes, I have two long exams today.
2. Is she a writer? Yes, she is a good writer. She writes excellent poetry books.
3. English cities and towns are very clean. They are pretty.
4. There are some sincere individuals with interesting ideas at the same time.
6. What is your favorite movie? Why? Which theater do you prefer?
7. Which car do you want? The blue one is fast, but I prefer the red one.
8. My brother is a democrat and speaks with a foreign accent.
9. People think that freedom is essential in life. They’re right.
10. As a lawyer, she recommends a certain caution. What is your opinion?
11. The big monkey is here. Where is the small one? It’s by the mango tree.
12. What is the meaning of this word? Which program do you recommend?