World Geography (parent submitted)

(This course was parent submitted. This content was not approved by EP. We cannot guarantee that the links in this course are up to date.  If a link does not work you can take google the topic of the link, if the link is a video you can search youtube for similar a video.)

Credits: 1

Recommended for grade: 9

This course was designed by one of our EP moms. (Thank you Angela Tow!) It is basically a three-day week. You could use those two extra days (as she has listed, “study map terms/concepts”) to one day drill country names/locations/capitals/features and to one day choose a country and fill in a notebooking page.

Here are some sites for drilling days: Seterra  Map Making  All About World Geography  GeoNet  Country Toad  Test Your Knowledge


You can use one of the below for tracking quiz scores. Also, add in points for completing notebooking pages.

Grading Sheet pdf      Grading Sheet  Excel speadsheet


Below you will find the lesson plans. They are to be used with Georgia Virtual Learning’s World Geography course.
*This website uses Discovery Education Videos in some of the lessons.  We do not have a passcode for this site, it is recommended that you search the topic of the video on youtube for something similar.

The parent who shared this course with us decided to only make a few tests for this course, other parents have shared tests they made with us for the remainder of of the course as well as the answer sheet to some Assignments.  The parents who shared with us could have chosen not to, so if something seems off to you please be kind.   If anyone using this course, would like to make up any additional tests and/or answer sheets, other than quizzes on the GVL site, you can send them for me to add.

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World Geography Quarter 1

World Geography Quarter 2

World Geography Quarter 3

World Geography Quarter 4


Assignment Answer Key