2D Motion Quiz

  1. As you commute to work or school in the morning, which is most likely to be larger?
    • A. The magnitude of your displacement
    • B. The distance you travel
    • C. Not enough information to say
  2. If you are carrying a ball and running at constant speed and wish to throw the ball so that you can catch it as it comes back down, should you
    • A. throw the ball at an angle of about 45o above the horizontal and maintain the same speed?
    • B. throw the ball straight in the air and slow down to catch it?
    • C. throw the ball straight in the air and maintain the same speed?
  3. As a projectile moves in its parabolic path, the velocity and acceleration vectors are perpendicular to each other
    • A. everywhere along its path
    • B. at the peak of its path
    • C. nowhere along its path
    • D. not enough information is given
  4. A home run is hit in a baseball game.  The ball is hit from home plate into the center field stands, along a parabolic path.  What is the acceleration of the ball
    • while it is rising?
    • at the higher point of the trajectory?
    • while it is descending after reaching the highest point?



Answers: b, c, b, g = 9.80 m/s2 for all situations,or 9.80 m/s2,or -9.80 m/s2