Spanish 4

Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem.

Credits: 1 with the live portion (join the live online class, or find someone you can talk with to discuss the topics in Spanish)

Recommended: 11, 12

Prerequisite: Spanish 3

Test Prep: CLEP Spanish

Course Description: Students will grow in their ability to speak, write, read, and understand Spanish. Students will work on vocabulary, grammar, and culture while working on these skills. There will be an emphasis on geography along with culture including music and poetry. Skills will include an increase in reading, as well as more technique in writing.

Lesson 1

  1. The first unit will be up on August 15th. Then you can start to be prepared.
  2. This lesson will be discussed the week of September 6th, 7th – 10th.
  3. We will have a forum for responses for some lessons. You can post your responses and then respond to three other students’ responses on our forum.
    • Get your parents permission and create a forum account. (Forum link will be posted by August 15th.)
    • Let us know what email address you registered with, in order to be let in. Do that by filling out this contact form. (Link will be posted by August 15th.)
  4. Sign up for the online class. This is for speaking practice. We will be discussing the week’s content. Classes will begin the week of September 6th (2pm EST). The first class will be an introduction and get-to-know-you. We’ll discuss this lesson’s topic on September 13th.
  5. If you aren’t in the live class, find someone you can converse with in Spanish. This is basically a must at this level.
  6. Be prepared for future assignment directions to be in Spanish!
  7. If you aren’t joining this course by September 6th, you should always use the most current lesson number. Click on “Lesson 1” in My EP and go to the course page. See what lesson number is at the top of the page. In Settings, change your lesson number to that. You can come back to these at the end of the year. Keep up with the course because then you can take part in the discussions.