Recommended order of courses:

  1. Literature and Composition I (English 8)
    • This can be used as a high school course, but it’s EP’s level 8 English course.
  2. Literature and Composition II
  3. American Literature and Composition
  4. British Literature and Composition
  5. Advanced Literature and Composition – recommended for seniors if they have completed the other courses

More on English

four years of English, 180 days each year

English – 8 is based on a 9th grade course and can be used for high school, could be called on a transcript Literature and Composition 1.

Literature and Composition II is recommended for 9th and is based on a 10th grade course.

The general recommendation is to take four years of English.

Peer editing is when students swap their writings to get feedback. They will be instructed as to when to share something for peer editing. Ideally, try to find someone of the same age in your local homeschool community who would swap papers with your child to give each other feedback on their writing.