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My name is Lee Giles. I’m the founder of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool, a complete, online Christian curriculum. In 2012 I “went public” with my children’s homeschool assignments that I had been putting online. The site has grown very quickly and is too big now to be kept all in one place. As I’ve expanded to high school, I needed a new beginning. This site is where the high school courses for the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool will be kept. It is complete with four years of courses for all the core subjects. You can read our list of courses with this link. You can also learn more about the courses and progression for any given subject by clicking on those main headings (eg. English).

This is free for you to use. Some parents do decide to donate money using the button at the top of this page. Some parents have volunteered time in making answer keys, reading books for me, even creating courses. Some courses will be labeled “parent submitted.” I have not been through the content of those courses. For other courses, I partnered with parents. You can see “thank yous” to them at the top of those courses. They submitted courses and I have put them up EP style, in 180-day courses. While I haven’t personally watched all of the videos and done all of the reading myself and have let others help, I have been over the content of those courses and have made decisions about their content.

My children have not used all of these courses, but they have all been used by hundreds of other families. My oldest children have used some of the EP courses, but I have also been using high school as a time to allow them to focus more on their passions and letting them steer their coursework around that where they could. For instance, my artist daughter studied anatomy one year for science and spent the year drawing muscles and bones  and another year studied light just on her own.

If you find a problem with a link, please post it on the facebook group. If you find a typo or if you think you’ve found an error in an answer key, you can contact me by email, but please post your questions on facebook.

To be clear, EP is not an online school. This is a homeschool resource. EP does not issue grades or transcripts nor does it grant credit or diplomas. You are the administrator of your homeschool. You will create your own transcripts to send to colleges. I will give you resources to  help out in all that where I am able. You can also check out the  Homeschooling High School/College page. Every course does have some guideline for grading. Many courses will have very specific grading criteria to guide you in giving your child a grade. Most courses have tests, quizzes, assignments, etc. that will be graded. Many also have a final exam. Parents have the final decision on what assignments and assessments are used and how they are graded.

This curriculum is intended to be college preparatory. In some of the courses, you will find SAT and ACT style questions for practice. Students will use bubble sheets to fill in answers. Students will write timed responses by hand. They will have big assignments that I don’t hold their hand and walk them through, telling them what they should be doing each day and where they should be in the process. I just give them directions and a due date. They will take notes and study. The grading criteria will sometimes instruct them to take off points if they aren’t finished on time. I want to prepare them for the tests ahead of them and also for the college classroom. We have a Foundations course which covers time management, study skills, research skills/using primary resources, public speaking, cursive handwriting, money management, critical thinking, logic, and bias.

You may want to have your child take AP, CLEP or DSST tests.  These tests, if passed, can give your child college credit. That will cut down on your college costs. You could get 3-6 credits for a $100 test instead of $1000 at a college. Taking (and passing) a test shows that your child is able to handle college-level material. It can also show a “real” grade instead of a mommy grade. They aren’t necessary, but if your child thinks he is college bound, it is definitely something to think about. I will try to label courses with what test they will help prepare your child for. SAT and ACT prep is peppered throughout the general education courses when it is on topic, but there are courses for test prep linked on the Courses page. Doing well on these tests will show the “A” on the transcript is accurate. Another way to do all this would be by taking dual credit courses, through your local community college, which may offer online courses that your child can just take at home.

Let me add here, if I say that a course is preparation for a certain exam, you should still learn about the exam and have your child study for the exam, do practice tests, etc. I make no promise for how well your child will do on an exam after finishing a course and am not responsible for making sure your child is prepared to pass an AP or CLEP test. I do not teach to the tests.

Finally, this is a Christian curriculum; however, most resources used are not Christian. It’s your choice whether or not to use any given course. I do point to the Bible from time to time in history, science, English, heck, even math has lessons on honesty and diligence. I do believe in a literal six-day creation. When online resources speak of millions of years and such, I provide alternative reading for students to support their faith. The earth science course in particular provides apologetics for defending a literal interpretation of the Bible.

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