Overview – High School

WELCOME! This is Lee, creator of Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. Our name says it. We’ve got it all from your core courses like math and reading to the extras like gym! We’ve aimed to make this easy for you. This page will talk about how the curriculum is set up. Then you can use the walkthrough to learn about setting up your child’s account to get started.

They will go to our site My EP Assignments to get to their lessons. From MyEPAssignments.com, your child will just click on each lesson link and follow the directions from there. It will take your student to their lessons.

We link to tons of outside sites, we would encourage you to use an Ad Blocker. When you see an asterisk * on a lesson, it means that there is a worksheet. You will need to print it out. (*) means it is optional. Materials needed are written out in bold next to the day they are used.

Here is our list of high school courses in their typical order for each subject. My EP will automatically place your child in the typical course schedule for the grade level chosen, but then you should tweak the schedule to adapt to your child’s needs.

The video doesn’t show the latest update to My EP where student lessons appear right in My EP. They no longer have to click a link and go to the course page.