The courses are listed below in their order. The order under each heading is the recommended order of completion of the courses. So the first would be done in 9th grade, etc. However, you can come in and use any of the courses for any grade levels.

Thank you to all of the parents who are submitting courses!

Parent submitted courses do not have their content checked by EP. They are done by parents who want to share their work with others. We do have notes on some where there might be a concern with content. EP does not update links in these courses. Some of the parents stay on top of what the course they submitted with link fixes, but we can’t guarantee that every link remains functional in these courses.


Bible 1

Bible 2

Bible 3

Bible 4


English – 8  (This is 8th level English on the main site. This could go on a transcript as Literature and Composition I.)

Literature and Composition (This is the typical 9th grade course for an EP student.)

British Literature and Composition

American Literature and Composition

Advanced Literature and Composition


World History

Early American History

Comparative Government  (Geography and Culture)

Modern American History

Parent submitted:

World Geography   This is recommended for 9th grade.

Ancient Civilizations  (This has an old-world viewpoint.)


Art Appreciation (half credit)

Music Appreciation (half credit)

Drawing Professionally

Spanish 1 — This is from level 8. (Yes, it counts as a high school course.)

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4 (based on an AP Spanish course is planned for 2016)

Parent submitted:

French 1 (There may not be any more years of French made.)


Algebra 1  needs to be taken in 8th to get calculus in 12th


Algebra 2




Biology with lab

Earth Science with Lab

Chemistry with lab

Physics with lab — This is recommended for 11th or 12th grade. (based on AP physics)

*Oceanography with lab — *This is the easiest science of the EP courses.

Parent Submitted:

Anatomy and Physiology


PE/Health 1 (half credit)

PE/Health 2 (half credit)

PE/Health 3 (half credit)

PE/Health 4 (half credit)


Foundations — study skills, research skills, critical thinking, logic, uncovering bias (recommended for 9th grade)

SAT Test Prep — Khan Academy has SAT Prep that is designed to practice for the newly designed SAT which is launching April 2016. Here are two more sites. A parent sent me these two links as well. Here is the official question of the day.

Parent Submitted: Social Media and You.