PE/Health 2

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Physical Education and Health

Credits: .5  

Course Description: Students will read current articles on health topics. They will also regularly execute an intensive interval training program.

Week 1

  1. Read a health article. Tell a parent about what you learned. (*Note to parents: I don’t control the topics of these articles. You should be aware what your child is reading about. These can be something to discuss.)
  2. Practice your family fire drill.
  3. Read about the “Scientific Seven Minute Workout.” In the article there is a link to another article. Read that article.

Week 2-36

  1. Read a health article. Tell a parent about what you learned.
  2. Do the 7 minute workout. You can find the directions and list of exercises lots of places, but this is a neat timer that walks you through it.
  3. You could maybe do the workout on M-T and Th-F and read the article on Wednesday, or do the workout every day, or come up with your own schedule.

Want to switch up your workout? Here’s the marine’s workout.

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