Resources for Your Teens

These resources have a cost. There are some things we just can’t get for free. I think these things are of value or I wouldn’t share them with you.

Hire Cause

Even though this has a higher cost, I think the long-term impact it can have on your teen’s trajectory is worth it. I’ve gotten the lowest-cost possible for you guys. You won’t find it offered anywhere else for less.

Here’s my interview with David Dvorkin, founder of Hire Cause.

Career Preparation With a “Hire Cause”

 What do your children want to be when they grow up?   Whatever their dream, there are professional skills, which if they develop, have the power to propel them forward in the direction of their dreams.

The challenge is that these professional skills cannot be learned in any classroom, and overworked managers are too busy to teach them in any internship.  That’s why so many interns are getting coffee and stapling papers for stressed out supervisors.

What if there was a fun way to develop the professional skills your children needed to pursue their dreams? What if they had a supportive community of peers and mentors helping them along the way? And what if they could develop these skills through projects that had a positive impact on their community?

If you want your children to do well by doing good and grow their skill sets through giving back to their community, then I recommend they apply to the Hire Cause program here.  This career prep program is refreshingly unique and powerful.  Financial scholarships are also available.


Special Note:  I’ll update here when a new date is open for the program. I gave up their offering of affiliate money and got them to take a hit to lower the price for you guys as much as possible, but we didn’t get enough people in the program for any leverage in the future to keep the super-low price. They will always have a scholarship offering for those who can show need, and EP will always have some sort of discount.



I have two sons taking online courses for college credit. Once we’ve completed a course, I’ll share more about our experience. I’m wanting to share this because it’s cheaper than community college courses. There are pros and cons, so look for more on this early next year.