September Studies

These are month-long Bible studies on a theme. September is the approximate time of the fall feasts that we’re waiting on Jesus to return and fulfill.

2020 – This Is Eternal Life   (And, here is the 180-day version.)

2021 – Be Ye Separate

2022 – The Suffering Servant (see note in bold below)

Mr. Phil TV

Also, for September 2022, you can have free six-week access to Mr. Phil TV. I’ll be suggesting this for elementary-age students for “Jesus month.” Your coupon code is ALLINONE  .  The code is good through the month of September. There are two series on there to choose from – What’s In The Bible? and The Mr. Phil Show.

What’s in the Bible? is 26 half-hour shows telling the stories of the Bible and connecting the overarching story. This is great for people new to the Bible, but for everyone as well for learning about the Bible. My family owns this series on DVD and we all enjoy it, though it’s aimed at elementary age kids.

The Mr. Phil Show is 20 (currently) twenty-minute episodes. The shows are repetitive in the beginning. My 9-year-old thinks it is funny, but my 11-year-old gets called in for the second half. In that second half is a lesson from a historical character about things like what to do about a bully, how to know what God wants you to do, or how to pray when you are distracted and then a Bible lesson, reading right from the Bible.

There are 40 additional 9-minute Bible studies available like the ones found at the end of each episode. You can also search things like faith or sanctification and it will bring up videos that talk about it.

Sign up for the free trial and enter your info and coupon code for a free month (so you get six weeks). If you haven’t finished the series, please consider signing up for another month or getting a year. I’d like to bless Mr. Phil for his generous offer of a free month for our EP users. I do NOT get any affiliate kickback. It was my idea to reach out to him specifically for our younger students during “Jesus Month.”




These below are just for me so as things come to mind I can put them on the page I have prepared.

Living By Faith

Walking in the Spirit/Abiding in Christ/Kingdom Living (living with Christ as your king)/Dwelling in the House of the Lord/Joy of the Lord