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Parent Submitted Courses

This is the high school page from the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool site. You can look here for links to other online courses. These courses have not been reviewed by me for their content. They are just here for your benefit until more courses can be made for the site.


Crash Course Film Making – This uses video lectures from the youtube channel “Crash Course,” for a teen interested in making movies. This course includes a lot of film production vocabulary, a focus on available careers in the field, and ends with a final project of making a short film. (Students without access to a camera or cell phone can create a screenplay and storyboard instead.)


Ames International School of Ministry — These are downloadable, PDF courses. I haven’t seen these. Parents sent me the links to these Bible courses. There is a statement of faith on the site to read their doctrinal position.

Covenant Theological Seminary — a whole collection of online courses in the form of lectures , login allinonehomeschool @  and easypeasy, if you want to take a look, I’m not familiar with their theological positions, just reporting free courses 🙂

Not Conformed  Christian world-view podcasts


Computer Science video courses

Computer Programming lessons  codecademy, mini courses in several programming languages

Cyber Security – Capture the flag game for teens challenging them to a growing number of challenges to teach them the basics of cyber security

Micosoft Virtual Academy, many courses for IT,  programming, web development, etc.

*** Below are “real” courses

Introduction to Computer Science I  (, college semester, 90 hours, graded final exam, a second semester of this course is available)

AP Computer Science

Management Information Systems  (

    • DSST exam — Management Information Systems
    • Thomas Edison State College (TESC) has an exam to go with this specific course from Saylor that will give you credit for the course at their school.

There are many other computer courses such as applications, web design and programming available through Georgia Virtual Learning,

Saylor as well has higher level courses including web and software development.


English Foundations

The parent created English Foundations as a 180 day/full year course intended for a teenage student with learning difficulties, and included practice with handwriting, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary while reading classics like The Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Other skills practiced included note-taking and essay writing.

Literature and Composition

Advanced Composition

    • AP exam – English Language and Composition
    • CLEP exam – Freshman College Composition  (6 credits)
    • CLEP exam – English Composition with essay (6 credits)  grammar, how sentences and paragraphs are structured…
    • CLEP exam – English Composition without essay  (6 credits)
    • CLEP exam – American Literature  (6 credits)


High School Course: Speech

Other Courses:

MythologyPre-College English (includes graded final exam, 60 hours, a college semester)

Other Exams:

CLEP Humanties

Foreign Language

Braille  (Doesn’t count as a “World Language”)

French 1 — high school course, continued with French 2

Online Advanced Spanish Book

German 1 — high school course, continued with German 2 and German 3

History/Social Studies

American History

World History

Modern Middle East


High School Course: American Government

Course Hero Units on American Government

Several 10-week courses on the Constitution from Hillsdale College

AP American Government  (One parent wrote to point out the socialist/communist propaganda in the course.)


Art History

Introduction to Western Art (1st semester) (2nd semester)


Personal Finance and Economics – high school course

Economics 101 Ten week course from Hillsdale College, video lectures, readings

Introduction to Microeconomics  (, college course, 123 hours, graded final exam)

Introduction to Macroeconomics  (, college course, 94 hours, graded final exam)

Other History/Social Studies Courses


Psychology (course links) – parent submitted, half-year course, more of a guide to research

Educational Psychology  (college semester course)

Educational Psychology  (college semester course)

Sociology (CLEP)

Home Economics




AP Calculus BC

MIT Open Courseware Calculus BC

Differential Equations in Action

Probability and Statistics

Basic Probability and Statistics – textbook

Advanced Probability and Statistics – textbook

Introduction to Statistics  (, college exam, 96 hours)

Introduction to Statistics  Udacity

Basic Statistics  Udacity

Other courses:

Mathematics of Finance
Financial Literacy
Math and You – Consumer Math

Other exams:

CLEP exam — Financial Accounting


  • History of Rock – 90 day/1 semester course with video lectures drawn from (free registration required) and music listening assignments with YouTube links. Assignments include printable timeline pages and an essay that is added to throughout the semester.



Anatomy and Physiology


AP Chemistry

General Chemistry I   Saylor  need calculus first

Physical Science

Physical Science

Environmental Science

High School Course: Environmental Science  (this doesn’t match the DSST exam content and isn’t geared directly to the AP exam)

Other Science Exams

Other Science Courses

High School Courses:  Astronomy (DSST)