Africa and Meso-America Review

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 Bantu Migrations and the Sudanic Kingdom


What Roman Emperor founded the “Byzantine Empire”? In what year?

Constantine, 312

Who were the “Bantus” and what is their significance to African history?

Early African peoples who migrated and contributed their language to several African tribes

Who was the founder of the Mali kingdom?


What African leader traveled from Africa to Mecca in the 14th Century?

Mansa Musa

What were the three major items traded along the trans-Saharan trade routes?

Gold, Ivory, Slaves

Along what African coast were the ‘Swahil’ city-states located?

East Coast

What religion made a lasting impact on the Sudanic kingdoms?





The Olmecs and Mayans




What is the oldest Meso-American civilization?

The Olmecs

Approximately when did the Olmec’s originate?

1500 BC

What might be one reason for the Olmec’s decline?

Environment, War, Disease

What civilization arose in the Yucatan peninsula around 1300 BC?


What are the Mayans most famous for?

Development of the Calendar

What might be one possible reason for the Mayan decline?

war, disease, environment




Aztecs and Incas




What Meso-American society dominated all other cultures by 1300 AD?

The Aztecs

How did the Aztecs make money off of the people they conquered?

They made them pay ‘tribute’ or a form of tax

What Aztec religious practice made them feared throughout Meso-America?

Human sacrifice

What Spanish explorer brought an end to the Aztec empire?

Hernan Cortes

What South American culture thrived in the Andes mountain at the same time the Aztecs were flourishing?

The Inca

What was one of the greatest communication or travel achievements of the Incas?

Their great roads in the mountains

What Spanish explorer destroyed the Inca civilization?

Francisco Pizarro