Age of Explorers Review

Try to answer the following questions. Click the arrow next to the question to reveal the answer.

Section 1



What important discovery did Vasco Da Gama make?

first European to sail to India

What important discovery did Ferdinand Magellan make?

first to circumnavigate the globe

What important disccovery did Christopher Columbus make?

new world

What important discovery did James Cook make?


What important discovery did Samuel de Champlain make?

founded Quebec

What was the name given to the exchange of products and diseases from old to new and new to old worlds?

Columbian Exchange

Name two developments in seafaring technology that allowed European sailors to sail farther and farther into the Atlantic Ocean.

Astrolabe, Compass, Lateen Sails



Section 2



Who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire?

Osman Bay

What Ottoman leader stretched the western boundaries of the Empire into Eastern Europe?

Suleyman the Magnificent

What were the powerful slave soldiers of the Ottoman Empire called?


Who founded the Safavid Dynasty?


What present day country did the Safavids occupy?


What leader founded the Mughal Dynasty in India?


What religion were all the leaders of the Gunpowder Empires?


What religion were all the Mughals especially tolerant of in India?




 Section 3



Who founded the Tokugawa Shongunate?


What were the Japanese warriors called during this time period?


What “code of conduct” did the Samurai warriors live by?

Code of Bushido

What was the title given to the large, militaristic landowners in Japan?


What Chinese ruler expanded China’s landholdings in the mid-1600’s?


What Chinese explorer sailed in many ports and islands in the Indian Ocean?

Zheng He




(Questions and answers from GVL, World History)