Algebra I Books

Here’s an introduction to our new Algebra I books.



This is the full course. It has the lessons, exercises, quizzes, tests, grading sheets, bubble answer sheets. Answers are NOT is the Workbook. This is available for purchase only, not print. EP Store

The student will need to copy the questions into their notebook to work them out.




This is the answer key for the Workbook. Worked-out solutions are provided for most problems to help students identify key steps in the problem-solving process.

This can be purchased as a book from the EP Store or downloaded for free as a PDF from the Answer Keys page.




This book has the daily quizzes and the final exam you will need if you are using our new online Algebra 1 course. Answers are included in the book. (Many are worked out!) These are PDF links in the course. You can purchase the book or print the worksheets or just view the worksheets on the screen and copy them into the student’s notebook. There IS space on each quiz page to work out the questions, so this could be held onto to show as a work sample. The grading for the course comes from these daily quizzes and the exams.

This book also has the other printables for the course such as grading sheets and bubble answers sheets. It does not have graph paper. There is a link for that in the course to print as needed.

This quizzes can be printed as one packet from the Print Page. It is 158 pages. The grading and answer sheets will need to be printed separately.