Creative Short Story Rubric

(Adapted from a Georgia Virtual Learning rubric)


  1. Opening paragraph (Maximum 4 points)
    • 4 points – Captures reader’s attention from the first paragraph without giving away too much
    • 3 points – Gets reader’s attention in first paragraph, but hints too much about the story
    • 2 points – Lacks tension to necessary to capture reader’s attention and
      gives away too much of the story
    • 1 point – Has no creative tension to capture the reader and gives away the point of the story
  2. Writing (Maximum 4 points)
    • 4 points – Used creative and original ideas to create an interesting and unique story.  Showed a clear desire involving conflict on reaching that desire.
    • 3 points – Had some creative and original ideas with the start of an interesting story.  Had a desire with some conflict reaching the desire
    • 2 points – Had little creative ideas in the story.  Unclear desire and little conflict
      to make an interesting story.
    • 1 point – Very little to no creative or original ideas.   No real desire with very little to no conflict within  the story.
  3. Word Choice (Maximum 4 points)
    • 4 points – Strong vocabulary using description in writing and word choice. Dialogue is stated clearly to who is talking to whom.  Story is clear and easy to read.
    • 3 points – Some strong vocabulary showing description through word choice.  Dialogue is a little difficult to understand. Story is easy to read with some confusing areas
    • 2 points – Not a very strong use of vocabulary words. Tells description rather than showing it.  Dialogue is confusing to the reader. Story is a
      little difficult to understand.
    • 1 point – Little to no strength in vocabulary.  Little to no description in writing. Story is very confusing.
  4. Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation (Maximum 4 points)
    • 4 points – Little or no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors.
    • 3 points – 5-7 spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
    • 2 points – 8-10 spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
    • 1 point – 11+ spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Dialogue is very confusing
  5. Suspense, Irony, Foreshadowing (Maximum 4 points)
    • 4 points – Utilizes all three literary devices
    • 3 points – Utilizes two of these literary devices
    • 2 points – 8-10 Utilizes one of these literary devices
    • 1 point – Does not utilize these literary devices