Creative Writing Rubric

Use this rubric to score the Creative Writing Assignment.
Total maximum points for this assignment is 50.

(Maximum points = 20)

  • 4 points: a well developed plot, characters, setting; 2 points: an identifiable plot, characters, setting; 0 points: lack of plot, undeveloped characters, or inconsistent setting
  • 4 points: thorough development of story that makes sense and contributes to the purpose; 0 points: a story that does not make sense or lacks overall purpose
  • 4 points: an original and creative plot line; 2 points: a plot line that is not original; 0 points: no discernible plot line or purpose
  • 4 points: excellent use of literary devices (for example: symbolism and foreshadowing); 2 points: some use of literary devices; 0 points: no literary devices utilized
  • 4 points: conclusion provides closure and fits the story; 2 points: conclusion does not fit the story or does not provide closure; 0 point: no real conclusion to the story

(Maximum points = 15)

  • 5 points: utilizing vivid descriptive details, 3 points: some details, 1 point: lack of details
  • 5 points: consistent personal voice/point of view throughout, 3 points: some development of voice, 1 point: lack of voice or point of view
  • 5 points: excellent variation in style, diction, and tone; 3 points: some variation; 1 point: no variation

Word Choice and Sentence Structure
(Maximum points = 10)

  • 3 points: interesting and appropriate word choice; 1 point: no consideration given to word choice
  • 4 points: smooth and understandable sentences and excellent variation in sentence structures; 2 points: some variation in sentence structure, sentences mostly flow well; 1 point: no variation in sentence structure, sentences are unclear and confusing
  • 3 points: dialogue fits the characters and situation, contributes to the story; 2 points: little use of dialogue or dialogue does not fit characters/situation; 1 point: no use of dialogue.

(Maximum points = 5)

  • 2 points: no spelling errors
  • 2 points: correct punctuation usage, uses variety of punctuation
  • 1 point: published in acceptable font and size; double spaced