Development of Africa Questions

  1. What are the 5 distinct geographic regions of Africa?
  2. How have conditions in the rainforest affected human activity in that region?
  3. How did Kushs relations with Egypt change over the years?
  4. How did Axum become a powerful city?
  5. What set the eastern coast apart from other African kingdoms?
  6. What two cultures blended to develop Swahili?
  7. How did geographic conditions limit contact between Africans and people from outside of the Middle East?
  8. Why was the gold-salt trade important to the development of West Africa?
  9. What were Mansa Musas most important achievements?
  10. What caused the downfall of Songhai?
  11. How did African religions embrace polytheism and monotheism?
  12. What purposes did the arts serve in African society?
  13. How did the lineage system ensure that society’s values would be upheld?
  14. What two geographic features dominate South America?
  15. How do most scientists believe that the first people reached the Americas?
  16. When and where did farming begin in the Americas?
  17. What can be inferred about Mississippian society from the remains at Cahokia?
  18. What characteristics did the Hopewell and Anasazi societies share?
  19. How was the origin of civilization in Peru similar to that of the river valley civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia?
  20. How were the Inca rulers able to maintain control over their vast empire?
  21. What were three major achievements of Maya civilization?
  22. Why did the Aztec sacrifice human beings to their gods?
  23. Both the Aztec and the Inca created formidable empires.  What weaknesses, if any, did these empires have?

From a Georgia Virtual Learning assignment pdf