Here is our current electives list in 2023. These are all for high school students except where noted with a different grade level.

In levels 1 through 8, there are music, art, computer, “thinking,” and PE/health courses as part of the regular full curriculum.


Art Appreciation

Biblical Hebrew One and Two


Drawing and Painting  (levels 3 – 7)

Drawing Professionally  (age 11 + )



Music Appreciation

Social Skills  (level 3 + or as a family)

Spelling  (spelling at levels 1 – 6)

ALSO: Lee’s Bible Teachings — the Good Morning, Lord! daily devotions, the By Way of Reminder series, and more!

Each course is one of the Electives. Choose Electives on the Settings page (on My EP) to add it. If you aren’t using an elective, Electives will be listed towards the bottom of the page as an Unused Course.

If you want more than one elective course, click on the Extras Page (under the course list on Settings – at myepassignments.com). There you will find more Electives to add to the page. They all list the same courses, but it will allow you to choose several of those courses at once.