Emma Writing Assignment

  • Between 800 – 1100 words (2-3 pages)
  • Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 point, double spaced
  • MLA format (include correct page headings on all pages)
  • Must contain in-text citations, correctly formatted
  • Must contain at least five quotes/paraphrases: two from your novel and three from outside sources
  • Works Cited Page, correctly formatted
  • A minimum of five sources for your paper, including the novel. So you can count your novel as one source, and then find four more outside sources. You may have no more than three websites for your sources. Use books, journal articles, etc.

Helpful hints for writing your paper:

  1. Take notes as you read your novel.
  2. Write down important or interesting quotes with page numbers.
  3. Write down interesting facts in your novel (setting, character actions, plot points, etc.).
  4. Develop a potential thesis and look for information to support that as you read.
  5. Look for outside sources as you read you novel. Keep a list of these (title, author, location, date, etc.).