Evacuation Quiz

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1) When did World War 2 start?

1) September 3rd 1939

2) How many people were evacuated during World War 2?

about 3.5 million

3) What was the usual way that evacuees were transported into the countryside?

by train

4) Who would find an evacuee a new “home” in the countryside?

billeting officers

5) How was an evacuee identified at the station?

their identity card

6) Who took on the evacuees during the war?

host families

7) When were the first evacuations?

31st August 1939

8) What caused the second evacuation?

the Blitz

9) Can you name 3 Famous Evacuees?

Any three, examples: Sir Rodger Moore, Sir Michael Caine, Michael Morpurgo, Peter O’Toole, Jack Rosenthal

10) Which children would usually be chosen first?

fit, older boys (better for working on farms)

11) When were the second evacuations?

Autumn 1940

12) Why were children evacuated?

to keep them safe during the bombing raids




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